See the Wonders of the World on a Cruise

More and more cruise lines are adding global journeys to their schedules because these sea trips have increased in popularity.

camping-1106782__340.jpg Presently, there are in excess of 25 million individuals each year traveling on the oceans, seas and rivers all over the world.

Nowadays, there are many destinations, vessels and prices available to travelers. Choosing the kind of trip you want to take has to be one of your first things to consider. Traveling on a smaller vessel is a good choice for those seeking more customized service, fewer passengers on board as well as direct access to smaller ports. Motion sickness may be a concern for those who travel on these ships as they are more prone to the effects of a turbulent ocean.

There are some advantages to larger ships, but one of the big disadvantages is that they have to dock further away at industrial ports which are located farther away from your destination city.

The result is that this makes independent exploration more challenging and more expensive. Wherever your world cruise takes you -- Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and Alaska, Africa, or Asia and Australia -- you will encounter the cultural aspects on offer both ashore and on board. You can also get to discover the workings of local life at your ports of call by taking a voyage around the world. The many exclusive outings and activities available give you the possibility to learn about your destination region through its art, culture, cuisine, history, and natural beauty.

Experience a memorable cruise on one of the most famed and opulent ships sailing the oceans: The Queen Mary II, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth. Even though the golden age of travel has long passed, you can still feel the luxury of those times aboard one these massive ships, all in the comfort of modern-day conveniences and amenities. Experience the world as few others have done on a journey of a lifetime. And relish the many perks such as stress-free travel, a place to hang your coat, and the peace of mind knowing you will not have to spend extra money on eating.

However you want to live your journey, be confident that you will experience the peace and amazement of world travel.

Take a Voyage to the Scandinavian and Baltic Countries

A cruise through the Baltic Sea allows you to visit both Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, which have charming Old Towns that date back to a time when medieval merchants traveled the area. If you wish to visit great cosmopolitan cities, some of the world’s “most livable” are in Scandinavia.

Norway will appeal to both nature devotees, with its breathtaking fjords, and history buffs, with its rich Viking history.

Other not-to-miss sights include Helsinki’s Neoclassical and Art Nouveau museums, the “Venice of Scandinavia” in Stockholm, and the red roofs and pretty steeples in Tallinn. Of course, anyone taking a trip through this region must make a point of witnessing the northern lights display. Located in between the continents of Europe and Asia you will find Russia, the biggest sovereign state on the globe. The breathtaking Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg is a something you cannot skip when visiting Russia.

Start your day in Moscow with a breakfast of blini pancakes with tasty caviar, then move on to Red Square to see its famous architecture.

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